Restaurants and cafes reopen!

As part of the government’s 3 stage plan, cafes and restaurants are have reopened much faster than expected. As of today, 11/05/2020, states such as New South Wales have allowed cafes and restaurants to reopen and have upto 10 customers seperated to an average density of four square metres per person. 

The state of Victoria remains the only exception in not reopening it’s cafes and restarurants. According to Victoria’s Premier, Daniel Andrews, Cafes and restaurants could reopen in June  after three weeks of a major COVID-19 testing blitz.

Every hospitality staff member will have to undergo a mandatory COVID-19 hygiene training course in order for businesses to reopen and function. Based on state and federal health directives regarding COVID-19, this compulsory course will help employees understand venue restrictions and help them learn to avoid cross contamination and effective cleaning & sanitising procedures. Every venue must now have a staff member acting as the venue’s dedicated hygiene officer, while the business itself will also have to display signage that the venue is compliant with all conditions.

As part of  government requirements, there will be a few guidelines that will need to be met such as dining tables being set 1.5 meters apart and condiments such as salt and pepper no longer available. Disposable menus will also be another convenient option, as stated by Wes Lambert, the chief executive of Restaurant and Catering Australia.

What does this mean for hospitality workers?

Many passionate hospitality workers will be able to commence employment and further up skill themselves by undergoing various new training regiments implemented by the government, such as the COVID-19 hygiene training course. Restaurants/cafes that were unable to hire staff prior to COVID-19, are likely to start readvertising certain vacancies and eager to fill positions – especially in regional areas.

With years of experience in the regional circuit, our team of experienced recruitment consultants are constantly in touch with numerous employers. There are certain cases where finding the right employee has forced employers to continue hiring – even in the middle of a global pandemic! 

For eager job seekers, moving in to a regional area brings more than just a quiet country life or cheaper expenses, but a chance to be a part of a rural community. Many of our successful clients who have settled in regional Australia have mentioned the various social events that have presented itself, such as invitations from the community to attend lawn bowls, brass bands and other sporting clubs. The friendly local culture has helped many of our migrant workers settle much faster than they had anticipated and the doors are always open for others.

Our sister company, AABD Recruitment, has been working with regional businesses for well over a decade and have employers that are willing to provide sponsorship if necessary. Despite the pandemic, employers are still looking for certain candidates with the right mix of skills and attitude.