You have more than 50% chance of winning your case at AAT

Interesting Facts about AAT!

According to a recent report from AAT, you have 51% chance of winning and only 31% chance of losing on partner visa refusal.

34% of decisions made on 482 visa refusals were set aside (initial decision rebutted) and only 2% were affirmed (initial decision not changed). This means that AAT sees more 482 visa cases are refused by the immigration department without reasonable grounds.


If you have a nomination refused, you have almost 50% chance of rebutting the decision at AAT (without considering ‘withdrawn’ and ‘other’ categories).

Of course, the chance of winning can be different across individual cases, but these are the numbers from decisions made by AAT in the last financial year.

It looks like that you have a good chance of rebutting the decision from immigration department when you take the case to AAT with an experienced Migration Agent.

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