Social workers are in demand!

Here at AABD, our experienced team of recruitment consultants can help you find your ideal employee. If you are looking to hire skilled social workers or anyother professional workers, we can assist you without attracting any service fees.

The Department of Employment Figures has predicted the demand for social workers to rise by 22.5% by 2022. According to Dr. Cate Thill, a professor at the School of Arts and Sciences at Notre Dame Sydney, the significant demand for social workers has resulted in universities expanding their course options. The increased demand for social workers also has to do with the Australiam Government’s recognition of disability and mental health of Australia’s aging population.

Migrant workers can make excellent social workers as many of them have first-hand experience overcoming many of the same issues that social work clients might face. Apart from their experience and qualifications, many of our migrant workers have had to step into unfamiliar territory and face adversity such as homesickness and isolation. 

With a rich history in recruitment for over a decade, AABD has assisted many employers, mostly in regional Australia,source the right talent who in turn have helped build rural businesses and greatly enhanced the culture/economy in local towns and regions they live and work in. At the moment,our talent stacked social worker clients are keen to explore the vast opportunities that lie in the rural regions of Australia.

Our parent company, Australia Migration Services, is a well-established migration firm that handles all visa/migration related matters and has processed numerous employer-sponsored visas, helping both candidates and employers reach a common ground. 

If you are looking to hire someone, let us know!