Accountants available!

Here at AABD, our team of recruitment specialists can help you find skilled workers with relevant qualifications. If you are looking to hire skilled accountants, auditors or other accounts related professionals, we can help you without attracting any service fees.

According to CPA Australia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the demand for accountants has been remaining high and will increase as economic conditions and business confidence improves. CPA Australia, particularly, has predicted there will not be enough locally trained accountants to meet labor market needs in the future. Employers struggling to find accountants in regional areas of Australia face even more adversity as many qualified migrants tend to settle in large urban cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. 

That is the reason why AABD has mostly been recruiting skilled migrant workers with the right mix of skills and attitude. Many of our candidates are more than happy to relocate to regional Australia in pursuit of careers. At the moment,our talent stacked accounting candidates are keen to explore the vast opportunities that lie in the rural regions of the country they choose to live in.

With a rich history of being in recruitment for over a decade, AABD has assisted many employers, mostly in regional Australia,source the right talent that have helped build rural businesses and greatly enhanced the culture/economy in the local towns and regions they live and work in. Our parent company, Australia Migration Services, is a well-known migration firm that handles all visas and has processed numerous employer-sponsored visas, helping both candidates and employers reach a common ground. 

If you are looking to hire someone, let us know!