Visa applicants with verifiable work experiences will be favoured by the Department of Home Affairs in comparison to those that do cash-paying jobs. Whether the candidate is an independent skilled immigrant, a state-sponsored immigrant, or an employer-sponsored immigrant, those who have worked with a taxable income would find it easier to apply for visa.

The identification of work experience of skilled immigrants is complex and rigorous, and the legal salary plus tax payment record is the most critical type of proof. For this reason, the Department of Home Affairs requires proof of past employment through the form of written documents.

The number of years an applicant needs to have depends on the visa they are after. For example:

1) The 489 visa requires 1 year full- time work experience
2) The 482 visa requires 2 years full- time work experience
3) The ENS (186) and RSMS (187) visa requires 3 years full- time work experience.

The credibility of the written documents is important and applicants must provide documents such as employment contracts, offer letters, employer letters, etc. However, the most crucial aspect is the ATO Tax records which have more credibility in comparison to other documents.

If an applicant has been engaged in cash settlement work and only the contract and employer’s letter are present, this would likely make the case officer reasonably suspicious about the authenticity of their work experience.

Therefore, it is advised applicants be cautious when assessing their work experiences for visa applications. If the work is cash settlement, or the tax record is inconsistent with the actual work time/type, it is best to consult with one of our professional immigration consultants.