Civil Engineers available!

Here at AABD, our team of recruitment specialists can help you find skilled workers with relevant qualifications. If you are looking to hire workers in Civil Engineering/construction, we can help you without any service fees.

Australia’s demand for civil engineers surpasses that for all other fields of engineering including mechanical, electrical, etc. Civil engineering accounts for the majority of engineering vacancies in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory and according to the Australian Government, this trend will continue, resulting in around 34,000 vacancies to be available by 2022.

However the problem for employers, particularly in regional parts of Australia, is finding skilled workers who are willing to leave the big cities and come work in the quiet, lesser know rural towns. For this reason, skilled migrant workers are often invited by employers in regional  Australia to share their valuable skills and  help local business grow, whilst boosting the economy for local business.

With a rich history of being in recruitment for over a decade, AABD has assisted many employers and firms, mostly in regional areas of Australia, in sourcing the right talent who have helped build rural businesses and greatly enhanced the culture and economy in the local towns and regions they live and work in. Our parent company, Australia Migration Services, is a well-known migration firm that handles all visas and has processed numerous employer-sponsored visas, helping both candidates and employers reach a common ground. 

If you are looking to hire someone, let us know!