The hidden information in the Department of Home Affairs Annual Report 😲

The Department of Home Affairs has recently released its 2017-18 Annual Report. We found something interesting and can’t wait to share with you.

There has been a myth that the Department only looks at the number of immigrants intake. However, people may find it surprising that one of the core KPI for Australia’s migration program is actually the Employment Rate of new immigrants.

According to the report, the target was set to increase the rate for employed migrants (>70%) while limiting the proportion of the unemployed (<10%) and those aren’t in the labour force (<20%). 

What the KPI tells us is that whether the annual immigration intake will increase or decline does not matter to the government. Instead, they really care about the person’s employability in Australia once they become a permanent resident.

The criteria may include your qualification, occupation, English level, work experience, job offer/employment, or even simply where are you intended to live!

We have interpreted the overall trend of immigration into this formula: 

Employment + Business → Regional Australia

That is, the government is now trying to attract both business and skilled migrants to regional Australia so that more jobs can be created and the skill shortages can be reduced.

Now you understand what’s going on in the Department. What’s next?  

Take the pathways!
These are the migration pathways you may be interested in, speak to one of our Registered Migration Agent to find out more:
Genuine Job Offer + State Sponsorship (190/489 Visa)
Genuine Vacancy + Employer Sponsorship (482/186/187 Visa)
Investment Opportunity + Business Migration (188/132 Visa)