Hire workers for long term

Hiring migrants that are pursuing sponsored visas (such as the 484,491, etc) is cost-effective in the long term. Holders of the 494 visa are obliged to stay with their employer in a regional state for 3 years.

The key factors that impact on retention of migrants who settle in regional and rural Australia are employment, children’s education, lifestyle, availability of services and the warmth of the welcome from locals.

Findings from a national survey of 915 skilled migrants who settled in regional and rural Australia found about two-thirds liked their jobs. About two in three said the community had made them feel very welcome. Despite the governments push for more migrants in regional Australia, there are many barriers that have to be dealt with, such as adjusting to local culture.

Government statistics indicate that only about one in five people who come to Australia settle in regional areas. This leaves the remaining majority to be cities and other urbanised regions. 
Australia is one of the most urbanised nations in the world with 67% of the population living in capital cities, mostly migrants.

If you are looking for any workers, AABD can help you recruit skilled overseas migrants. We can also manage the visa requirements for both employees and employers alike.