Northern Territory: DAMA as a new PR pathway ✅


Last week, Northern Territory has announced updates on its DAMA program (so-called ‘concessioned employer-sponsored migration’). The new DAMA program is designed to be incredibly flexible to attract skilled or semi-skilled workers.

A Pathway to PR

The program has introduced a flexible pathway to Permanent Residency, including the possibilities to change employers, positions, or even your nominated occupations! 

It is also very flexible with requirements for work experience. The higher qualification you’ve got, the lower requirements for experience will apply (from one-year post qualification experience).

You will be eligible to apply if you’re under 49 years old and have an English language test result that is equivalent to IELTS 5 overall (no less than 4.5).

Important Numbers

Workers will be granted a subclass 482 visa;

– 500 places have become available during FY 2018-19; 

– 117 occupations are on the list (including Accounts clerk, Bookkeeper, Barista, Hotel/motel receptionist, Tour guide, Waiter Supervisor).

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