Orana: The new destination for skilled workers?

Another door is opening soon for semi-skilled or low-skilled workers to get an employer-sponsored visa to Australia!

Following Northern Territory and Warrnambool (VIC), Orana (NSW) has announced that a Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) business case has been recently submitted to the Commonwealth Government. The government initiatives aim to design a tailored program to meet the local labour needs in regional NSW (Read More…).

The current DAMA program in Northern Territory has introduced a new pathway to permanent residency for labours working in in-demand occupations, including lower requirements on English Language / Work Experience / Salary

Given Northern Territory has benefited from this scheme for three years, we believe that Orana is likely to apply a similar model to the local DAMA to respond to the labour shortage. We are also expecting that more DAMAs in other States / Territories will be in place soon to lower the barriers for skilled migration.

Now you’re probably thinking “Hey, that sounds great, but I still don’t know what to do!” 

It’s perfectly normal to be unsure about your visa options. There are some migration pathways you may be interested in, call 03 9092 1688 to book a free consultation with a Registered Migration Agent to find out more.