Successful job placement within 2 weeks!

Similar to  many who dream of coming to Australia, Jason too had aspirations to find a job and settle in Australia. Jason’s background was in hospitality and he worked as a Chef for many successful restaurants in Victoria.

However, despite all the employment opportunities he got, Jason struggled to find a job where he could get sponsorship that would help propel him toward his dream of getting Permanent Residency and settling down. 

One day, as Jason was browsing through Facebook, he discovered a company called Australia Migration Services. The company seemed to have stories of many successful past clients and without any hesitation, Jason decided to set an appointment with the senior recruitment consultant. During his consultation, Jason was informed about a potential vacancy that was available and was convinced that by signing up with Australia Migration Services, he would have a great chance in securing a job with sponsorship.

After his consultation, Jason decided to sign up with AABD recruitment services. Little did he know that his job search would be complete in a couple of minutes! 

After signing up with AABD, Jason was informed  that an interview would be awaiting him at some stage. Astonishingly, the interview occurred the very next day along with a work trial. And to make things even more flabbergasting, Jason received the job offer just 11 days after his interview! 

The employer had already been informed about Jason’s visa situation and was more than happy to sponsor his 482 visa. On the 16th of January 2020, Jason’s 482 visa was granted. A major chapter in Jason’s quest for permanent residency is now fulfilled and his pathway towards PR is  looking very clear. 

Australia Migration Services has been assisting numerous candidates with sponsorship and visa. Our employers are looking for skilled workers in hospitality, trades, nursing and many more with the right mix of attitude and skills.