Tough 189 now! Which state to go for fast access to PR?

No matter you are onshore or offshore, to make up the points for a 189 Skilled Independent visa is extremely difficult now. So everyone turned their attention to the various state territories, as well as in remote areas, to get PR.

However,  it is always risky to blindly go to a random place to study, work, and live without considering your situation. The policy is changing all the time. If an immigration route is not suitable for you, once the policy has any minor adjustments, you will likely be the first to be blocked from the door.

Migration has never been one size fits all. Here we have summarised several groups of people who are most suitable for state-sponsored and skill immigration route:

1/ Blue-collar workers with experience

2/ International students with excellent English skills

3/ Skilled overseas applicants


1/ Blue-collar workers with experience

For technician applicants, this is the time for you to seize the opportunity!  

If you are engaged in a skilled occupation (chef, baking, auto repair, sheet metal, community work, aged care, etc.), holding a professional Certificate or Diploma, with 1-3 years of work experience, and your only concern is the English score, then congratulations! Now the Australian immigration policy is leaning towards you!

Unlike many other skilled immigrants, this type of applicant is best suited to get a permanent residence visa in the form of employment in a remote area. You can make money while immigrating!

Moreover, depending on individual circumstances (occupation, work experience, English proficiency, etc.), you can consider applying for a permanent residence in 187 remote areas of employer-sponsored immigrants, or the “DAMA program” in VIC, NSW, and NT ,etc.


187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa

Commencing November this year, the 187 visa will be replaced by the new remote area visa 494. From now on until the old visa is abolished, the new visa will take effect in about four months. As long as you submit your visa application before the new policy goes into effect, you can avoid being affected by the new policy and directly take the PR!

If you are already eligible for applying, act now!  Otherwise, you may need to wait another 3 years!

According to the existing 187 visa requirements, the basic requirements for the application are as follows:

– Who’s applicable:  Under 45 years old, with rich work experience

– Visa Category : 187 Direct Entry Stream for remote areas

– Occupation: The occupational list of exclusive 187 visas covers most occupations.

– Work experience:  3 years of full-time work experience

– Language level: IELTS 6 for each band when handing


DAMA Program:

Taking the Northern Territory as an example, the specific requirements and characteristics of DAMA immigrants are as follows, and can provide a reference for everyone:

– The applicant’s experience requirements are fully relaxed. If you have a diploma or above, you can apply with a minimum of 1 year of work experience (up to 20 hours per week).

– Applicants have a higher degree of freedom of employment. In 3 years in 4 years, they can work for any DAMA employer company that meets the requirements. It is ok to change companies, change positions, or even change nominated occupations.

– The applicant’s English requirements are reduced. To apply for a 482 visa, you only need IELTS total score of 5 (No less than 4 for listening and speaking). You can use IELTS total score 5 when transfering to a permanent residence and no less than 4.5 for a single band.



* The Orana area of ​​New South Wales also announced the official signing of the DAMA Immigration Agreement last month! The new policy will be launched soon, and is expected to be officially implemented after July 1 this year. We will pay close attention to the first time to bring you first-hand information!

If your  occupation, experience, and English conditions are in line with the 187 remote employer sponsorship/DAMA program requirements, you only need to contact AMS  to make a free consultation, and leave the rest of the work to us! Our aim is “REAL”.  It is our greatest pursuit to find you the reliable work in the corresponding remote areas, and to help you successfully obtain the employer sponsor nomination + Australian PR!


  2/ International students with excellent english level

If you have just graduated, holding a student visa or a graduate visa, it is time to bravely go to a remote area to fight for PR!  

In the past, everyone was not optimistic about the remote areas. They insisted on staying in the big cities to fight for language score,  translation certificate and the professional year. Now, the earliest students who have traveled to remote areas have already obtained permanent residences,  but those who want to take 189 independent technology immigrants are still waiting for the disappointing invitation, and visas in the remote areas have also become stricter.

Perhaps in a big city like Sydney, Melbourne, the remote areas are not a “decent” option in the eyes of everyone, but look at the rising 189 visa points, and then look at the preferential policy in remote areas in the recent year. It is obvious that migration to remote areas is at least the safest option.

Most of the newly graduated international students have the advantage of high academic qualifications and good English, but generally lack relevant work experience, which leads to the disadvantages under the current skilled immigration system.

In combination with the students’ own situation and policy trends, we suggest that you leave the big cities such as Melbourne and Sydney  as soon as possible, go to other states, preferably in remote areas to find jobs, accumulating the length of residence while gaining work experience.

It should be noted that your work experience must  be professional and authentic if you want to use it for migration. If it is irrelevant to the nominated occupation, or the validity of the employment is not available, it will waste valuable time, leading to the failure of the professional assessment, not only will not give you extra points, but also may affect the subsequent visa plan.

It is recommended that you fully understand the professional assessment requirements when choosing a job, and carefully consider whether the specific responsibilities of the job are consistent with the professional assessment requirements before entering the job. You can click on the right to learn more about work experience and career assessment.

AMS has long-term cooperation with real local employers in remote areas, as well as a well-developed introductory mechanism. Our professional employment consultants provide recruitment training and job search skills for you, and there is also an Internship Program tailored for graduates with 0 work experience. The combination of employment + immigration ensures that the real work found can help the follow-up visa.


3/ People intend to apply for immigration overseas


If you are not currently in Australia and are interested in studying in Australia or immigrating, there are many options to choose from.


Many people will feel that they must come to study in Australia to get a work visa, no! With the experience of domestic or other countries, you can get the Australian green card!

If you are under the age of 33 and engaged in a professional occupation overseas, with more than 5 years of professional related work experience, and 7 for IELTS each band, you can consider taking an Australian job offer and apply for 190 visa as an overseas applicant. Simple like that!

For example, if you are engaged in mechanic-related work overseas, with  1-3 years of work experience + IELTS scores, you may eligible for an employer-sponsored working visa. If you meet the requirements, you can even apply for a permanent visa directly. (click on the right to learn about the overseas application for real employer sponsorship)

Also, if you are working in a non-technical field, you can also consider taking a short-term technical certificate or Diploma course in a remote area of ​​Australia to quickly get a stepping stone from skilled immigrants in remote areas, while improving English level.  Once you graduate, you will be successful in employment + immigration!

For most of the oversea applicants, finding the relevant job is the hardest part. In response to this concern,  we have created a one-stop solution for work and visas.

No fake job is our bottom line. There is no sky-high cost.  All of the jobs we find you are real ones, and wages and benefits are as much as it should be.


Our employment consultants and immigration lawyers will help you from the very early stage like contacting employers to find a job to the very last stage like submitting nomination application or permanent visa application, etc.


In general, immigration is a highly complex “technical activity” and there is never a so-called “correct answer.”  It is suggested to start from the general direction + small angle.

The general direction is to properly understand the policy trends from early, and choose the dividend period of the policy to seize the opportunity. Instead of sticking to a big city and going against the trend, it is better to take advantage of the trend and enjoy the policy dividend early in the remote areas.

The small-angle is to consider your own academic qualifications, occupations, work experience, English scores, and other specific circumstances. More importantly, it is necessary to review the situation and recognize the trend of immigration policy. After combining your own conditions and policies, you can choose the state/territory/remote area that suits you best and the type of visa that suits you best.