Upcoming Immigration Changes in 2019

Australian Visas: New Changes in 2019

1. Partner visas take a longer time to process.

According to the latest news (SBS, 2019), the Family Violence Bill has passed in the Senate last November, and partner visa sponsorships need to be approved first before applications are lodged. This means that potential applicants and sponsors will have to get their character and history be assessed. There will be two steps:

Step one: The approval of the partner visa sponsorship
Step two: Lodge the partner visa application

This means that the process of obtaining a partner visa will be longer than before.

2. A new Parent visa to be available.

It has been announced (SBS, 2019) that a new temporary sponsored parent visa that will allow parents of migrants to stay in Australia for a period of 3 to 5 years will be made available during 2019. 
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These are the migration pathways you may be interested in, speak to a Registered Migration Agent to find out more:
Genuine Job Offer + State Sponsorship (190/489 Visa)

Genuine Vacancy + Employer Sponsorship (482/186/187 Visa)

Investment Opportunity + Business Migration (188/132 Visa)
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