Various jobs still available amid COVID crisis

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has set a global imprint. Economies have been shaken and numerous companies are on the brink of reaching rock bottom. The federal treasury has estimated more than one million  workers in Australia might be left unemployed, resulting in the unemployment rate to jump up to a staggering 11% in the next few months.

However, despite the economic crisis, certain jobs have remained steady. According to economist Callam Pickering, healthcare roles are still out performing other sectors such as the legal or retail sector. Some other sectors that are relatively thriving well despite the pandemic include personal care, nursing, software development and industrial engineering. Keep in mind that these industries are still affected and have shown a major drop in hiring workers.

Here is a list of some  industries that have displayed a decline in hiring candidates, according to job search giant Indeed:

Weakest Sectors

– Beauty & Wellness     (-65)
– Legal sector                   (-55)
– Sales                                (-54)
– Dental                             (-52)

Strongest Performers

– Nursing                                  (-18)
– Personal Care                       (-22)
– Industrial Engineering    (-28)
– Software development     (-32)

Environmental factors play in a major component in an industry’s success. Certain firms have capitalised on this unique situation given the demand for certain services such as the need for more IT workers to help firms establish their services through a digital format.