VETASSESS: Employment Length Calculation Change

Employment Length Calculation

VETASSESS has announced recent changes to the calculation of employment length.

From 14 February 2019, VETASSESS will consider the exact date, including day, month and year for the Date Deemed Skilled, instead of using only month and year previously. This is aligned with the requirement of the Department of Home Affairs.


Keep The Records

It is very important to ensure that you have submitted official documents to support your length of employment, as only official documents will be considered by VETASSESS.

If you are currently employed and planning to lodge an application for skills assessment, make sure you keep the records! These may include payslips, tax returns, and a statement from your employer.

Employment Outside 10 Years

VETASSESS may also be considering employment outside the last 10 years if it is closely related to your occupation and is continuous employment with the same employer.


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